About us

  • Hitech Co., Ltd is a well established organization providing professional technical design and installation management services of quality project for M&E technical system.
  • Through the application of quality management system, we will maintain a standard of high by continually producing a process, which comply with the relevant specifications to TCVN, IEC, AS, NFPA, ASHARE, BS standard.
  • Local knowledge is important for a number of reasons, but not least to understand what works and how things get done in Viet Nam.
  • When it is in the client’s interest for direct purchase from suppliers, Hitech assists with this process and the successful integration of these client supplied items into the construction process.
  • We have deep knowledge of the local M&E for installation contractor, the relative dynamics, and what is the best strategy for any given project.
  • Our library of recent tender results enables us to valuably assist with this process.


  1. Need lowest investment enpense
  2. What is unnecssary for the project
  3. Necessary of modern project, Saving solution and lowest operating cost


  1. Vision of project
  2. Quality of design
  3. Throughly understand contractor & equipment