• Become a service supplier who provide M&E consultant & design for apartment building, trade center, hotel and offices… We worked as an M&E adviser for many projects.


  • Design Consultant and M&E management.
  • Modern technology solution of smart house, saving energy.
  • The unification solution of the M&E architecture plan.
  • Save technical area and high standard technology layout process.

Understand thoroughly

  • We have indepth knowledge of the local M&E about installation contractors and equipment suppliers for projects.


  • We often investigate, each alternative of project, What requiring-non-requiring for investment project.


  • We are vision to adapting each project and application product objective for our valuable company projects of the customer user-oriented company.


  • We are a collaborative team.

What makes us different?

  • We can specify the necessary matter for a project in VietNam and what is work for the regional accordance.
  • We are the vision analyser for an investment project who always create the optimal using area solution.
  • Our advices of each project will give you the high effect of initial investment finance.